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Dear students, 

Welcome to my website. 

I have founded JC Economics Tuition Centre in 2012 to share my passion and knowledge in economics. I enjoy teaching my students and hope that they will share the same joy in economics. 

It is not uncommon that students find economics difficult to grasp. This is because economics is a very new subject for those who have just entered Junior College. The A-Level Economics syllabus hopes to nurture students into becoming an informed and well-learned citizen in the local and global economic environment. In the examinations, students are expected to develop high critical thinking skills and make mature judgements for economic decision making. Answer should be backed by substantial economics concepts applied accurately with real-world examples. Examiners give more credit to the quality instead of the quantity of the answers. Many students find it tough to achieve these examination requirements. With the right coaching and guidance, students will be able to apply examination strategies and techniques to meet these requirements.

Since the founding of JC Economics Tuition Centre, most of my students have achieved distinctions in their A-Level Economics examinations and have gone on to universities to pursue their studies. All JC Economics tuition classes and workshops are personally conducted by me as I ensure that the quality of my lessons are not compromised. All of my lessons are carefully designed and planned to achieve specific learning outcomes for students. I also love to share my personal stories to link to economic concepts to help students remember better. In-class practices are also done to allow students to apply the skills that has been taught in class. I believe under my guidance, students will be able to master the skills to excel in their A-Level Economics papers.

I hope to see you in class. All the best in your future endeavours.


Anthony Fok

B. Acc (Hons), B. Economics, PGDE (NIE), M.Ed. (Monash), FCollT (London)

L.E.A.R.N Methodology

  • Lessons specially designed to meet learning objectives
  • Examination strategies and best tips taught to students
  • Always available online for consultations after tuition hours
  • Real world application of economic concepts 
  • New and updated information about local and global economic issues